A Moving Experience

I’ve decided to cave in to peer pressure and join the cool kids on over at Blogspot.  Come visit my new blog!  It only took me all day to try to figure it all out.




I had a follow up appointment today with my OB.  I had been looking forward to today because I would be getting my staples removed!  This typically does not hurt, but as with everything else with this pregnancy, it hurt like the dickens!  The nurse was removing them and I was feeling sick to my stomach.  But we made it through until……she got to the one that was literally twisted!  She tugged, she pulled, she apologized for hurting me, but she was unable to remove it.  I laid there thinking that all the painful stuff was supposed to be over with.  Finally, she gave up and the doctor came in.  She examined my incision, which looks good, and she began to pull and tug.  After a couple of minutes (or so it seemed) the darned thing finally came out.  I still can’t lift anything, but I can drive now!  YEAH!  Not that I have a whole lot of places to go, but at least I have the option.   My incision got infected with Adam and it seems I have some sort of reaction happening with this one.  I can’t see it, but Daniel said there are “bubbles” .  She thinks my skin was getting so irritated having those staples that it has started having an allergic reaction to them.  I’m glad I can’t see it, but now I have to keep neosporin on it.

Today we got to show of Isabelle.  We took her to the hospital this morning.  We dropped off a gift to the NICU.  They were all so thoughtful in caring for Isabelle and us that we wanted to give back.  They make cute handmade name tags for the babies isolettes.  So, we bought stuff to help them continue that for the next families.  Then, Isabelle had her PKU test done.  They only allowed one person to go back with her, so Daniel went.  I knew I would cry.  A minute later they came out and she was still asleep!  Daniel said she didn’t wake up, she didn’t cry, she just woke up and went back to sleep.  That’s my strong girl.  Adam cried like no tomorrow.  I guess she’s already been through so much and had so many pokes and needles that it didn’t bother her at all.  If she can handle an IV in her head, she can handle a heel stick.

Daniel worked all weekend.  I was upset at first considering that this was our first full weekend with the four of us.  But, I then realized that I should be so thankful he has a job and it requires overtime.    My niece came over Saturday morning to help me with Adam.  She’s such a big help.  She washed dishes and she even put away clean clothes.  I sure did miss my hubby though!

Yesterday evening we went shopping and to Sweet Tomatoes for the first time. It was tasty!!!!  It was awkaward trying to figure out how to do this buffet thing with just the two of us and two kiddoes to keep track of.  This sweet old lady came and visited with us and told us how adorable our kids are and Adam loved her.  They played and laughed.  It was so cute to see them interact with each other.  Adam seems to have hit a growth spurt.  Maybe it’s just because I can’t pick him up.  I look at him, or he gives me a hug, and he just seems so big.  He’s a little boy now.  It could also be that Isabelle is so small then I look at Adam.  My two babies…..two!

It hit me the other day that these are my only two babies.  I don’t regret my decision at all.  It’s just that I know that I’ll never feel pregnant again.  Never to watch my belly get bigger by the day.  If something was to happen and Daniel remarried, he could have more kids.  I can’t.  I know it was the right decison for me though.

I have lost 21 pounds since having Isabelle (ok , so she was 8 lbs).  I only have 17 more to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight.  GO ME!!!!!  At least when I lose weight now I won’t turn around and get pregnant!!!! *smile*

Everyday Surprises

Adam has been surprising us everyday with new words.  Not just words.  Entire phrases.  This morning as Daniel was putting Adam’s mittens on he asked if he wanted his hat on.  Adam politely stated “I do”.  Yesterday evening he got in the car and Daniel did the normal routine of giving him his toys.  Adam said “car” then “keys’ then “man” .  He’s never called his little figurine “man” before.  He’ll say I love you, vitamin (pronounced my-min), yeah, nice, bad, and many more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.  We’re getting closer to potty training.  He’s learned when he’s stinky and he’ll go straight to the room for a diaper change.  He was supposed to have already started training, but with the new arrival we decided to hold off until his world seemed normal to him again.  So, in a few weeks we’ll begin. 

I can’t believe my baby girl is already over a week old.  She’s just my princess.  Today she was kinda fussy.  I can usually settle her down pretty quick once we’ve had a bottle and diaper change.  But, today she just can’t seem to get totally relaxed.  We’ve walked  and talked.  We’ve cuddled and shooshed (it’s supposed to sound like the noises they hear in the womb).  She’s beginning to be awake for a little while now, but she still sleeps tons.  I’m really enjoying my time with her.  It’s just so special.  I think I took Adam’s birth for granted.  He was such an easy baby and had no health scares or issues.  After he was born I was intrigued by him, but I got bored at home after so many weeks.  I’m sure to get bored, but I realized today just how blessed and thankful I am to be able to hold her.  I will make it a point to spend as much time appreciating my alone time with her that I can.  I have a friend who’s daughter passed only 20 hours after birth.  This happened a couple of years ago, but to see how she still grieves everyday for her just breaks my heart.  I’ve been given two beautiful, mostly healthy children and she has none.  It’s awful just to think about what she’s been through.  

Daniel has to work all weekend long probably and the next.   This sucks for me.  I’m not released from the doctor to do anything!  But, on the bright side, I am thankful that he has a job and they need them to work overtime.  The money will be great considering I am only getting half my salary.  I just hope he isn’t too exhausted to spend some time with us once he’s done.

Daniel and I are still trying to decide where to go on our big vacation in September.  I don’t think we’ll make it to Jamaica.  It would be great, but I think that’s just going to stretch our budget.  Daniel’s never been to Colorado, so we’re looking into that.  I think I’d like to look into San Diego too.  I know we’ve been there, but it would be nice to go again and see more stuff.  We just didn’t have enough time to do more stuff and Adam didn’t have the patience to let us try.  If anyone else has ideas, please send them our way.  We’d love to hear suggestions and go somewhere new.

I’m thinking of moving the blog to blogspot.  I like the layouts of the blogs I’ve seen on there alot.

Smiling Falling Down

Yesterday was my first day completely alone with Isabelle.  She did what every newborn does, sleep, eat, burp, and poop.  How can such a little person make so much poop????  Pretty much with every diaper change!  It’s not like it’s alot, but I don’t remember Adam pooping so much.  I will ask the doctor tomorrow if this is ok or is it something with the formula.  We’ve pretty much got our routine down.  If she gets a bottle between 10 and 11pm she won’t get up til about 2 or 3 am and then she’ll sleep til around 6:30 or 7 am.  She’s a good baby.  She hates diaper changes, but I would too if I had to be wiped like that everytime.  Her bottom is already red and there was some slight bleeding on her raw bottom.  So, I’ve switched to rinsing her off so we don’t have to always use the wipes.  Other than that she only gets fussy when she is hungry.  It’s amazing to feed her and look down at her as she gazes at you.  Yesterday I actually got a picture of her smiling!  We were talking, ok so I was talking, and the left side of her mouth was kinda smiling so I grabbed the camera.  I talked some more and made funny sounds and she gave me the biggest smile!  I caught it perfectly!   I don’t care what anyone says, she smiled at me and it wasn’t gas….so there!

My Mommy Is So Funny!

My Mommy Is So Funny!

Adam is slowly adjusting.  He’s realizing that she’s here to stay.  He wakes up and sees her and says Baby.  When he comes home he smiles at her.  He’s been helping bring stuff to her and finally gave her a kiss this morning.  He wasn’t really wanting to touch her, but he’s getting used to her.  I think he’s going to be an awesome big brother and she’s going to have all of us wrapped around her little finger! 

I’m concerned about Daniel.  His work is very demanding.  He has been great about getting off work in time to get Adam since I can’t.  But that means he takes care of some work from home.  Typically he does this once the house is quiet and usually the rest of us are asleep.  There have been many nights that I wake up at 1 or 2am and he’s still on the computer.  This wasn’t a big deal, but now that Isabelle is here I think he’s trying to do too much and not resting enough.  Right now we all need to be at our best.  Daniel tends to take on too much and not hand anything over.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  I just don’t want him to wear himself out and miss out on the truly special moments in life.  You can’t get those back. 

Yesterday I fell.  I was walking to in the living room and trip over a toy.  Down I went.  Fortunately I caught myself before landing on my stomach.  That would have been bad.  It hurt so bad and Daniel had to help me up.  He took a look at my incision to make sure it was still closed.  Turns out there is a staple that has come loose on one side.  We don’t know if it’s from the fall or just loosened itself.  Poor Daniel, he was so worried that something terrible had happened.  Thankfully, I don’t feel any additional soreness or anything. 

Gotta go, Isabelle is waking up.

20 Months and 4 Days

I finally have a bit to catch everyone up on the news!  It’s Sunday morning and Daniel is catching up on sleep, Adam is probably eating breakfast right about now, and Isabelle is cradled in her glider snug as a bug in a rug.

Let’s go back in time……Wednesday Jan. 7th 4A.M.  We woke up after only a few hours sleep and got ready for our long day.  Only, we didn’t realize just how long and emotionally grueling it would turn out to be.  Got to the hospital at 5:30 and checked in.  The staff is incredibly nice and explain everything and why.  Adam was with Daniel and they were trying to be on their best behavior.  Fortunately there were no other patients in the room.  The room we were in was just a room to prep you for surgery.  They drew blood, paperwork, hooked me up to monitors, and took care of a few procedures that we don’t need to go in to.  We were delayed a bit since we had to wait on the NICU staff so they could attend to Isabelle at birth in case of complications.    Finally, we were off to surgery.  My parents, Daniel’s mom and aunt, and my sister were all there.  We had to pass by them on the way to the OR.  They were taking care of Adam.  I was doing fine until I saw him.  I cried as I left my baby with them.  The look on his face and the way he was crying for me just broke my heart.    I got all setup with my epidural and the next thing I knew we were getting started.  All the nurses and doctors were so kind during the surgery.  They explained things, comforted me ( I was crying pretty much the whole time), and included Daniel in to keep him comfortable too.

Isabelle made her diva debut at 8:25AM.  She cried to announce her arrival, but was quickly taken to the NICU team and I heard nothing else.  It was terrifying to be lying on that table not knowing what was happening to my daughter.  Daniel did a great job at keeping me calm because I had no clue that she was requiring oxygen and they were even “bagging” her.   The doctors were using the bag to assist her breathing.  I didn’t know all this until way afterward.  Finally, I heard her crying loud and strong!  It was wonderful.  They let Daniel over to see her and they brought her to me for a minute and then she was gone.  While bein sewed up, her doctor told me that she was ok, but her breathing was very rapid and that sometimes is a sign of  an infection.  She would be in the NICU for a while and that’s all I really remember.

The next two days were so difficult.  The surgery went well, but it left me worn out and sick all day.  I threw up every liquid I was allowed to have.  If I sat up from laying down I promptly got sick.  I felt fine other than that.  They tried 3 different medicines to stop the nausea, but finally it just eased away in the evening.  My mother was there the whole day.  She was my rock.  She held my hair back, she comforted me, and she saw parts of me that she hadn’t seen since I was 5!    She’s just amazing.  My sister made us a beautiful mum for the door, a boutennire for Daniel, and a “flower” arrangement.  The “flowers” are socks!  Too cute. 

I was not able to see Isabelle until she was over a day old!!!!  Fortunately her daddy and family got to see her, but since I was unable to walk there I couldn’t see her.   There was no way of wheeling me in the hospital bed to her.  I never thought I would have to go through what I did and not be able to cuddle and bond with her shortly after.  It just never crossed my mind.  I was assured she was ok and I saw tons of pictures, but I physically ached to see her.  Thursday morning they got me out of bed and I was so ready.   I knew the sooner I was up and around the faster I could get to her.  Once I was up I didn’t stop.  Daniel was visiting with her when my nurse and I made the trek to NICU.  He was surprised to see me.  I finally got to hold her and it was wonderful.  She was bruised and bandaged, but she was in my arms.  The rest of the time she was there we visited as much as we could.   All of her time in NICU was pretty much a precaution.  She has the VSD (ventricular septal defect) or “hole in the heart”, but the breathing was causing the most concern.  She stabilized quickly though and all her bloodwork came  back negative for any infections.  She did have IV’s, and once one blew they had to resort to putting one in her head.  It sounds worse than what it was.  They said they are easier there because the veins are closer to the surface.  The NICU nurses were wonderful.  They spoiled all of us.  They decorated her isolette and even made something for Adam.  They sent us home with enough formula for a week, diapers, wipes, blanket, two diaper bags…it was wonderful to have such caring people looking after our baby girl.

We finally got out of the hospital on Saturday around 3 or so.  We had our first visitors at home.  Carlos and Brenda came over with dinner.  They didn’t make it up to the hospital.  We actually told friends that we’d set visits up for after we got home.  It was better for us and Isabelle to just kinda get through the NICU days quietly.  The visits we did have were great though.  They provided relief from the worry and everyone was truly excited to see the baby.  I felt so much better on Thursday and I think it showed.  I was able to laugh and tell stories. 

Saturday night we settled in and Isabelle was being a diva.  She’s trying to pull a fast one on us.  She wants to eat some, then rest, then eat some more.  Sorry little girl, but Mommy and Daddy are not going to feed you every time you are awake.  She thinks that when she first wakes up it’s time to eat.  So, we are working on that.  Other than that, she slept great and so did we.  She’s got slight jaundice, so her healthy appetite and numerous diaper changes are helping with that.  It’s amazing to look at all the pictures that have been taken and see the changes that have taken place.  She weighed 8lbs. 6.2 oz at birth, but discharged at 8lbs 1 oz.  Her eyes are open more and she was awake for a good while last night just looking around. 

Adam is 20 months old today and Isabelle is 4 days old.  I am a mommy to 2!  I have a son and a daughter.  My life is amazing right now.  I’m thankful for what God has blessed me with.  Thank you to everyone who said prayers for us, for Isabelle’s safe arrival and recuperation.   She is a strong little girl who went through so much in her short life already.  We’ve cuddled her so much to make up for the time we lost.

I’m uploading the pictures so hopefully I’ll get enough time to get them all sent out.

Sooner Than I Thought

I managed to finally get into the dr.  After numerous phone calls, Daniel got through to someone.  They told him that my dr. is out of the office today and tomorrow.  I was even more upset since during my calls no one had bothered to tell me any of this information.  Anyway, the other dr. could get me in.  I said no when Daniel had them on the phone.  Then they called me and asked me to come in.  I said that I might as well wait until Wednesday now.  She said that the dr. would prefer I come in today because of the diabetes.  So, now I was a priority!    I’m glad I went in.  My blood pressure was a little high.  Well, high for me.  I normally run about 120/70.  Today I was 130/78.  Still normal, so it was no concern to them.  I did get to have a sono just to measure her and make sure all was still on track.  She asked when the scheduled date was and I told her.  She said that she had delivered a few of my dr’s patients via c-section in the last couple of days.  So, she looked into possibly booking me for an earlier time slot.  3pm was going to make for a long day, especially since I can’t eat prior to the surgery.  Not good when you’re also diabetic.  This awesome dr. and nurse called the hospital and got it all setup for Wednesday Jan. 7th and 7:30am!  Awesome!  Now, she’ll be born early and we can start recovering and bonding together!!!!!!!  It’s sinking in slowly.  The main thing I’m dreading is that when you come out of surgery and are so groggy and shaking so bad.  Once we all get in the room I would like for just the four of us to have a little while to bond before everyone else gets to hold her.  That’s how it plays out in my head, I just hope I can have this one wish.

Adam’s sitter says he is ready for his role as a big brother.  She said that he is so good and gentle with the babies.  I can’t wait to see his face.  It’s going to be such a moment in my life.  To see my two babies together! 

I’m glad it’s on Wednesday now.  This means I should come home probably Saturday.  Now, the time really gets exciting.  Gotta get the bottles sterilized.  Gotta get her clothes packed since I’ll know what the weather will be like.  It’s really happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Soon, she’ll be in my arms and I can finally know that everything will be ok.

Only Days Away

We are literally days away from meeting Isabelle.  And how do I feel?  Pissed off!  I know that’s strong language, but the stupid dr’s office still has not managed to answer my pleas for an appointment.  I have not seen the dr in over 2 weeks.  The schedule got all screwed up because she was supposed to be out of the office on Dec. 31st.  Then that changed so she told me to call and get double booked if there was nothing open.  Especially since she didn’t want to wait to see me until Jan. 7th (the day before my scheduled c-section).  I have tried and tried.  The front desk won’t do it without speaking to a nurse.  Nurse never answers.  Front desk puts me in voicemail.  I leave voicemail.  No one calls back.  So, I have no appt.  I have no idea what the procedure is for checking in for the c-section.  I don’t even have lab results for something that I may need to be taking antibiotics for before I have Isabelle.  So, that is why I’m pissed off.  I suppose I’ll find out everything at the very last minute which would be the 7th. 

Everything is pretty much ready.  Bassinet is put together and in it’s spot.  Carseat is set in the car.  Strolller is all put together.  We’re training Adam on where the baby’s diapers are so he will feel like a big boy helper.  I just can’t believe it’s already here.  This past weekend was our last weekend just the three of us.  It was nice.  It was very quiet.  We hung around the house alot, cuddled in bed with Adam, and played around.

I thought I was going to have to go the hospital this morning.  Which I guess would have gotten alot of my questions answered.  I was sound asleep this morning (a feat within itself) and was woken up by this sharp stabbing pain in my left side.  It happened twice and it was so painful!  I laid there, waited to feel the baby move around, and was so relieved when she immediately did.  Of course, then the worry sets in.  Did she just happen to kick my rib really hard?  Did somethng really bad happen and now I’m bleeding?  Should I wake everyone up and go to the hospital just in case?  I settled myself down and relaxed.  The pain never happened again and she’s been moving consistently.  But, yet another reason I wish the dr. would call.

Adam has been coughing.  The last two nights he’s not slept very well.  Saturday night some idiot was shooting of firecrackers.  Once at 2:30am and again an hour or so later.  Hello, dummy, that should have been a few nights ago idiot.   But, during the night he’s been coughing and waking up whiny and then falls back asleep.  He did this 4 times last night.  I hope he feels better soon.  Otherwise, we’re going to have a sick toddler and a newborn this week!  And we’ll have one Mommy who will be wondering what in the world was she thinking!!!

Oh, and on to the big surprise from Daniel.  Turns out he’s been hiding something from me.  On Friday he came home as I was cooking dinner.  He logged on the computer and asked me to come sit down.  I was nervous.  Something has been nagging me lately and I just knew he was about to tell me something really bad- like he’s met someone else really bad.  (I’ll blame this on being pregnant).  He tells me that he’s had this bank account set up to automatically take money out of his paycheck and it’s now time to decide where we should go on our anniversary.  A few days ago we had watched something and I told him that Jamaica didn’t intrigue me, but I was definitely intrigued by Cabo.  Well, turns out he’d already talked to a travel agent (the same one who handled our honeymoon arrangements) about Jamaica and this was all news to him.  So, they’ve been looking into all kinds of places.  My parents have been in on it, with my mother actually scheduling her vacation in September to take care of both kids for us.  Amazing.  He thought of this all himself!!!!  So, we’re still trying to decide.  Daniel wants to have this big renewal ceremony at the same church we married in.  I love the thoughtfulness.  I’m just more sensible.  We’ll have a newborn soon.  I have to organize both of their baptisms soon.  In April, my mom has a milestone birthday and Daniel turns 32.  In May, Adam turns 2 and we go to Wisconsin for Joseph’s graduation.  We have a few more family birthday’s then September is our anniversary.  Very busy.  I guess we’ll have to see how this all works out.  I do know that Daniel really surprised me with this one!!!!  He’s such a good husband and daddy!